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Chess Scandal Inspires Offer of Free Anal Vibrators

We-Vibe hopes its “free anal stimulation toys” will empower chess masters

A New Womanizer Vibrator Just Entered the Chat and It’s the Most Cutting-Edge Sex Toy Ever

To catch you up, we're talking about the Womanizer Next ... a silicone vibrator that's *so* cutting-edge, it will take your orgasms to seriously high-tech new heights.

The Best Sex Toys of 2023

In order to find the best sex toys, we looked at reviews, recommendations, and … did lots and lots of personal testing. Additionally, we looked at versatility in both features, use, and the kinds of bodies they can be used on.

Womanizer Just Unveiled the First-Ever Shower Head Sex Toy

Sex toy brand Womanizer just released a brand new sex toy that goes back to basics and makes shower self-pleasure easier and more subtle than ever before.

The Best Fleshlights and More Great Stroking Sex Toys for Men

In the mood for some self loving? Here are the top picks for this category right here, no foreplay necessary.

We-Vibe Debuts ‘Sync Lite’ Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe has unveiled the new app-enabled Sync Lite couples vibrator.